Strategic Planning

Each year, the Village Board gathers for a strategic planning workshop to review and discuss key issues in an effort to progress the quality of life for our residents. Through the strategic planning process, the Village Board identified the following goals to guide the governance of the community:

  • Maintain Fiscal Responsibility with Sound Budget Practices
  • Improve and Maintain Infrastructure and Roads
  • Maintain and Communicate Good Government Practices and Services
  • Maintain Public Services Through Safe Practices and Proper Equipment
  • Attract, Retain and Expand Business

These goals guide what we do, the expenditures we make, where we focus our time, and how we care for our residents.

Past Workshops

Other strategic planning workshops have focused on:

  • Capital planning and financing
  • Capital projects prioritization
  • Community building and leadership
  • Economic development
  • Flood mitigation
  • Land use planning and zoning
  • Local revenue


The outcomes of these efforts provide the blueprint of a vision for our community:

  • Modern codes to guide the development of the community
  • Incentive programs for water quality and sewer back up prevention
  • Water system improvements to ensure quality in delivery
  • New fee and fine structures to maintain fiscal strength
  • Voter referendum for improved roadways
  • New equipment for effective services
  • Consideration of TIF districts and business development districts towards commercial revitalization and financial sustainability
  • Consolidation of dispatch services for enhanced public safety response