The Village of La Grange Park is committed to maintaining a quality urban forest. Our Department of Public Works has on staff certified arborists and pesticide applicators. Some of the Village tree services maybe contracted out but all work is supervised and managed by our arborist. To promote tree health, various programs have been instated to cultivate our urban forest including tree planting, trimming and regular evaluations. Resident awareness of our trees is encouraged with an annual Arbor Day celebration in which the Village has been recognized as a Tree City USA town by the National Arbor Day Foundation since 1987!

Tree Evaluations & Trimming

La Grange Park’s tree population consists of approximately 6,000 various aged tree species requiring periodic attention. The Village follows a recommended five-year pruning cycle where each parkway tree is pruned once every five years. Within the urban forestry profession, documented studies have shown a five-year pruning cycle manages tree condition, value and is more cost effective for a community to maintain. The purpose of tree trimming is to improve structure, enhance growth and preserve safe conditions for all motorists and pedestrians as they move through the street corridor. All pruning practices follow the standards presented in the ISA Tree Pruning Guidelines.

Pruning of all trees shall:

  • Maintain the crown shape and symmetry typical of the species.
  • Improve the appearance of the tree.
  • Encourage upward growth for adequate clearance over streets, sidewalks and other structures.
  • Remove dead, dying, diseased, interfering and weak branches.
  • Remove trunk suckers and water sprouts which do not add to the shape of the tree.