School Crossing Guard Program

The La Grange Park Police Department hosts an active School Crossing Guard program that employs eight permanent and substitute guards throughout the Village. The primary goal of this program is to ensure the safety of children going to and returning from school, oftentimes along heavy traffic routes. Each guard receives specialized training from a police officer on proper and safe methods for helping pedestrians cross busy streets and rail crossings. Guards are easily recognizable with their yellow safety vests and hats, rain gear, and lit handheld ‘STOP’ signs.

Community Relationships

Our Crossing Guards and the children they protect from unique bonds over time due to their daily, positive interactions with one another. We are proud of the caring relationships they have built with our most precious residents and are thankful for their many years of dedicated service.

Get Involved

Any resident interested in becoming a substitute Crossing Guard is welcome to inquire with Sergeant Matt Fellers of the Police Department about available positions. It should be noted that permanent Guard openings are usually filled from within our substitute Guard ranks.