Water & Sewer Infrastructure & Rate Study

In 2017, Baxter and Woodman completed a water and sewer rate study for the Village. The purpose of the study was to review the long term operation and infrastructure requirements of the Village’s water and sewer systems and provide rate options that will provide the necessary funding. Baxter and Woodman presented the study results to the Village Board at the July 25, 2017 Board meeting. 

The findings of the study demonstrate that our current rate structure cannot support the funding necessary to maintain well-functioning, reliable water and sewer systems.  As such, in 2018, the Village approved an increase to the water rate from $7.71 to $10.00 per 100 cubic feet and the sewer rate from $2.32 to $2.75 per 100 cubic feet as recommended in the Study. Also consistent with the recommendations in the Study, in 2019, the Village approved an increase in the water rate to $11.50 per 100 cubic feet and the sewer rate to 2.95. Due to the anticipated impacts of Covid-19, no increases to the rate were made for 2020.   

In 2020, the Village completed an extensive water main replacement on 31st Street and the Village is currently planning replacement work at La Grange Road and 31st Street and another project on Park Road. These projects are vital to maintaining a safe and effective water system for our community. Sewer system maintenance projects are listed below.

Sewer Lining Project - 2020/21

In advance of street paving or routine sewer maintenance, inspections are conducted and the inspection reports are reviewed by Hancock Engineering. From these reports, a list of areas in need of sewer lining was compiled with a total of 6,864 feet (various pipe sizes ranging between 8” and 15”) will be completed this fiscal year. The locations in need of lining are listed. Sewer main lining consists of installing a fiberglass liner bag with resin material, when the liner is heated it then expands to the interior wall of the sewer.  This technique reinforces the existing sewer to cover cracks or joints, greatly reduces the possibility of pipe failure and eliminates tree root infestation which causes blockages.

Street (Location)  Between  Addresses
La Grange Road 1101 - 1119
Community Drive914 - 934
Community Drive1013 - 1034
Community Drive 702 - 710
Community Drive 215 - 1409
Meadowcrest Road1111 - 1201
Meadowcrest Road934 - 1000
Sherwood Road447 - 600
Sherwood Road 709 - 731
Barnsdale Road 626 - 610
Barnsdale Road 730 - 737
Newberry Avenue 502 - 513
Newberry Avenue 1212 - 1200
Newberry Avenue 913 - 937
Kings Court 246 - 234
Ostrander Avenue 1432 - 1412
Park Road 646 - 635

Manhole Cover Repairs

Manhole cover repairs will take place on the blocks 800 Homestead and 400 Harding.