Sustainability Commission

Regular Meetings

  • 7:00 p.m.
  • 1st Monday of every month
  • La Grange Park Village Hall Board Room

Notice: 2020 Meeting Date/Location Change


  • Krista Grimm 
  • Kathy Johnson
  • David Mrazek
  • Jeff Nee

  • Joe Pawasarat
  • Donna Twickler -Chair
  • Vacancy


The Sustainability Commission was established by ordinance in 2009 and was formerly called the Cool Village Commission. The Commission makes recommendations on sustainable practices that lead to a reduction of the Village’s carbon footprint while promoting water conservation and the improvement of air, climate and water quality. More information on the role and responsibilities of the Commission may be found in their Charter document (PDF).


The Sustainability Commission sponsors a variety of annual events, including a jack-o-lantern recycling event in October and a used cooking oil recycling event in November. Residents and businesses are encouraged to submit their ideas for sustainable community practices and programs. Please email your ideas to Rick Radde.

The Sustainability Commission’s Guide to Recycling Opportunities - Avoiding the Landfill 

The Sustainability Commission has compiled a list of places that recycle materials that aren’t easily recycled.  The list is updated with new information as it becomes available.  If you become aware of additional recycling opportunities, please feel free to share information not included in this document by e-mailing Rick Radde at  

Avoid The Landfill - A Guide to Recycling Opportunities

Area Recycle Centers

Important Information: Coin Batteries Cause Devastating Injuries

Swallowed batteries burn through a child’s esophagus in just 2 hours, leading to surgery, months with feeding and breathing tubes, and even death.

About the size of a nickel, 20 mm, 3-volt lithium coin cells are the most hazardous as they are big enough to get stuck and burn faster.

Secure battery compartments and keep loose batteries away from children.

Battery Ingestion Hotline Information 

Tiny Batteries Pose Sizeable Risks