The La Grange Park Police Department provides free non-criminal fingerprinting services for residents and local business owners. Individuals may come to the Police Department front desk between the hours of 9 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. and inform the clerk they wish to be fingerprinted. While appointments are not required, please note that officers are called in from the street to complete fingerprints. If they are experiencing high service call volume, there may be a brief wait to complete this process. Also, If there is a prisoner being housed at the Police Department fingerprints will not be able to be completed at that time.

Please note, we do not fingerprint for concealed carry licenses.  You may obtain information on locations from the Illinois State Police website

Blank Cards

Please note those being fingerprinted are required to furnish their own print hard cards. Residents who do not have a card and whose fingerprints are being taken for employment purposes should contact their prospective employers to obtain blank cards.


Photo identification must be presented at the time the prints are taken.