Door Hanger Program

When La Grange Park police officers are on patrol, they oftentimes encounter conditions at residents’ homes that make those locations vulnerable targets for criminals. Some of these indicators include:

  • Doors, garage doors, and windows that are open or unlocked
  • Fence gates that are open or unlocked
  • Newspapers or mail that have not been collected
  • Unsecured vehicles with valuables left in plain sight or keys left in the ignition
  • Toys, bikes, or other valuables that are left out or unsecured

If any of these conditions are noted, residents are provided with a bright yellow Door Hanger which identifies date and time of the observation, the officer who has noted it, and what they specifically saw. When it is possible to do so, officers will try to secure property and/or close open doors.


If you received a door hanger and have specific questions, please call 708-352-7711 and ask for the officer who left the card.