Types of Tickets

La Grange Park Police Department officers issue several different kinds of citations based upon the kinds of infractions they encounter. Each citation serves a different purpose and is resolved in a different way.

  1. C
  2. L
  3. P
  4. State

C Citations

C Citations are compliance tickets issued at the local level and are distinguished by numbers in the top left corner of the citation that begin with “CS”:

  • C citations are issued at the discretion of the officer and are oftentimes written to keep drivers from incurring state charges on their driving records.
  • C citations are not warnings, they are actual tickets that must be paid or adjudicated in court.
  • These tickets are commonly written for equipment violations, including but not limited to seatbelt infractions, no front license plate, driving while using a cell phone, registration violations, etc. C citations do not go against the driver’s record.
  • Not all infractions can be written on a C citation. Only those that have been approved by the La Grange Park Village Board and incorporated into Local Ordinance are eligible.
  • Fines for C citations are $50 and escalate to $100 if not paid within the initial 10 day grace period.
  • Fines may be paid by cash, check, or credit card in person at the Police Department’s front desk, by mailing a check in the envelope provided with the ticket, or by credit or debit card.  To to pay online, go to Municipal Systems, Inc.
  • Individuals who wish to contest a C citation and request a court date are required to email the La Grange Park Police Records Department at municipalviolations@lagrangepark.org.  

Please note: C Citation fines that are not paid in a timely fashion are subject to collection activity, up to and including submission to the Illinois Comptroller’s Office Local Debt Recovery program.

View a detailed listing of the specific ordinances enforced in the Village of La Grange Park.