Brush Collection

The Village brush collection pick-up occurs the first Monday of a full week during each month (May through October). Brush must be at the curb by 7 a.m. A first sweep is conducted through the entire Village picking up the smaller piles of brush. Larger piles will be left for the end loader and dump truck to pick-up.

2024 Brush Pick-Up Schedule: 

  • May 6th

  • June 3rd 

  • July 1st

  • August 5th 

  • September 2nd 

  • October 7th (last pick-up for the year)

Residents who missed brush pick-up or are outside of their scheduled weeks, LakeShore Recycling Systems will collect brush under the Yard Waste program if a yard waste sticker is affixed to each bundle. Brush and branches must be securely bundled with bio-degradable twine or rope. Each bundle must be no more than four feet in length, two feet in diameter and weigh no more than fifty pounds. Individual branches must be no larger than three inches in diameter. A yard waste sticker must be affixed to each bundle. Visit the LRS website for more information.


Brush pickup is strictly for residents who have performed tree or brush work on their own property. If no evidence exists that work has been performed on the property, the Village reserves the right to charge the resident for this service. The brush will not be picked up until a check for payment of services is received, and our work schedule permits.


Contractors working for homeowners are not allowed to use this service since we are unable to manage the quantity of brush they produce. If evidence exists or contractors are seen by our Village workers placing tree or brush debris at the curb, the Village will charge the resident for removal of the tree/brush debris.


  • Brush must be stacked neatly on the parkway, piled no more than 4 feet high, with the butt end facing the curb. Please be sure that brush is not piled in such a way that interferes with motorist or pedestrian visibility.
  • In narrow parkways the brush may be piled parallel to the curb so not extending into the sidewalk.
  • Brush must be no longer than 6-feet in length and 4 inches in diameter.
  • Logs must be cut into small, manageable pieces and should be kept separate from brush.
  • Stumps and root balls will not be picked up. They should be removed from trees or bushes.