Stormwater Management Updates

The Village is committed to providing regular updates to keep residents informed of recent efforts and progress to address local flooding and stormwater management. Please see the latest updates below, as well as links to relevant documents. For information on the Village's Sewer Backup Prevention Program, click here.

Latest Update: Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Central Area Sewer Separation Project:
Hancock Engineering continues its work on the preliminary design for the Central Area Sewer Separation Project. Most recently, Hancock Engineering performed a computer analysis to confirm the sewer hydraulics based on the preliminary design criteria. Additionally, they designed the alignment and depth of the proposed force main based on existing utilities and then drafted the location of additional underground private utilities such as Comcast.  In the coming days the engineers will be drafting of the proposed force main pipe location and depth from Jackson Avenue to 26th Street based on existing public and private utilities.  They will then work with force main plan pump manufacturers to arrive at the preferred pump size and characteristics. Once complete, Hancock Engineering will begin work on project specifications.

Once the MWRD call for projects for the Stormwater Partnership Program is available, the Village will submit the preliminary plans and documentation to them for consideration of funding. We now understand the program application may not open up until the Fall of 2022. We will continue to design the project and prepare specifications for a more complete submittal to the MWRD.

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