Sewer Backup Prevention Program


Sewer Backup Prevention Program Suspended for Current Fiscal Year

Many residents have taken advantage of this Village reimbursement program. Although the Village Board had approved additional funding for such earlier this calendar year, the demand remained high, and there are no more funds available this Village fiscal year, which runs through April 30, 2021. The Village can no longer accept any additional applications at this time, or reimburse property owners who had not originally been approved for funding. 

This program has continued for several years, and the Village will most likely discuss continuing this program into the next fiscal year when they discuss the new fiscal budget in the Spring. Should the program be funded again, applications will most likely be accepted again for new work beginning May 1, 2021.


The Village of La Grange Park is pleased to announce a program to assist single-family homeowners with the cost of plumbing improvements to address sanitary sewer related backups. The program is being administered on a “first come - first served” basis, and will provide 50% reimbursement of eligible sewer related costs, subject to a maximum reimbursement of $3,000 for backflow devices or $5,000 for overhead sewers. The goal of the program is to encourage homeowners to improve their quality of life and enhance property values through the reduction of sanitary sewer backups. View complete program information (PDF).

Eligible Program Reimbursements

This program only applies to owner occupied single-family homes. All work must be done by a licensed plumber. In an effort to provide funding to as many residents as possible, strict guidelines have been developed to limit the scope of work to items that will correct sanitary sewage problems. The guidelines are listed to identify eligible and non-eligible costs.

Eligible Costs

  • Installation of overhead sewers
  • Installation of backflow prevention valve
  • Installation of a sump pit and sump pump necessary to pump sanitary sewage from below-grade fixtures to an overhead sewer
  • Cost of trenching and concrete floor replacement associated with eligible work
  • Permit fees

Non-Eligible Costs

  • Backup or flooding improvements made to commercial, industrial, multiple-family or other income providing property
  • Property improvements not associated with sanitary sewage backup protection (i.e. foundation cracks, seepage, etc.) below grade
  • Removal and replacement of basement walls and finishes
  • Use of materials or methods not meeting the requirements of Village specifications
  • Upgrading of electrical supply to accommodate sump pump
  • Battery back-up system for sump pump
  • Alarm panels
  • Cost of disconnecting downspouts (may be eligible through Village’s Downspout Disconnection Program)
  • Restoration with grass seed or sod or other landscape work
  • Work performed without necessary building permits
  • Expenses incurred before approval of program participation

How to Apply

To be eligible for reimbursement, several steps are required. Applicants need to carefully review the materials to fully understand the obligations and requirements of the program.

  1. Homeowner obtains written proposals from licensed plumbing contractors to perform necessary corrective action. Property Owner is encouraged to, but not required to,  solicit and provide 3 proposals to complete the work. Contractors may have differing opinions (and fees) related to the means of solving your backup problem. The property owner needs to be in a position to make an informed decision as to the Contractor they will select. The Village shall not be a party to any contract related to the program.
  2. Homeowner selects contractor.
  3. Homeowner submits application form to Village.
  4. Contractor obtains necessary building/plumbing permits.
  5. Village approves program participation.