Business Licenses

Businesses operating in commercially and manufacturing zoned spaces in the Village are required to obtain a business license. Business licenses are issued for a one-year period beginning January 1 each year and expire on the last day of December. The information obtained through business licensing assists the Village's efforts to promote La Grange Park businesses and disseminate important information to the local business community. Please note that the information obtained from your application will only be used for Village business and will not be made available except as expressly required by law.

For a new business license to be issued - zoning inspection and approval is required to ensure the type of business is a permitted use, fire inspection and approval is required to address life safety issues and ensure the space is up to code, and health inspection and approval is required for any business serving food or drink. Once the required inspections and approvals are obtained, an occupancy permit will be issued in conjunction with the business license.

New Business Application PDF