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Cracksealing to be Performed on Select Streets

Next week contractors will be performing cracksealing on select streets throughout the Village. A map of locations is available here. The contractor will be posting no parking signs in advance of the work. In order to get the cracks filled properly, crews come in ahead of the hot liquid asphalt and blow out all loose dirt from the cracks. This creates a short term dirt cloud and then is swept up. You may want to close windows when this work is being performed. By filling the cracks on the street we reduce the amount of future potholes and lengthen the useful life of the pavement. The street can be driven on shortly after the asphalt cools. PLEASE DRIVE SLOWLY ON THE NEW MATERIALS. DO NOT PARK ON THE STREET FOR 24 HOURS AFTER THE MATERIAL IS APPLIED.
Last updated 8/4/2017 2:41:06 PM