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Now Accepting Arbor Day Nominations

National Arbor Day is Friday, April 27th. The Village is accepting nominations to plant a tree in honor or in memory of a person or group that has made a positive contribution to the community, or whose achievements deserve special recognition.  

La Grange Park Fire Department Wants to Hire 6 to 10 More Village Residents as Paid-on-Call Firefighter/EMT's

The La Grange Park Fire Department is asking residents to consider becoming a state certified Paid-on-Call Firefighter and Emergency Medical Technician. This is a part-time/paid-on-call position with the Village of La Grange Park. Applications are now available at the La Grange Park Village Hall (447 North Catherine). The Village of La Grange Park is an equal opportunity employer. You don’t need any previous fire or emergency medical experience. We provide all the required training for you to become a state certified Basic Operations Firefighter and Emergency Medical Technician.

Please Help Keep Hydrants Free of Snow

The Village is urging all residents to keep fire hydrants near your home in mind if you are shoveling snow.  It is important to be able to find fire hydrants quickly, and utilize them quickly.  Although our Village fire engines carry water to help firefighters start extinguishing fires, that water supply is limited, and in most cases, firefighters only have a few minutes to get additional water from the fire hydrants once they start using water from the tanks on fire engines. 

Please Shovel Your Sidewalk

La Grange Park is a community with a high percentage of walkers. It is the responsibility of each homeowner/business owner to keep the sidewalk and walkways adjacent to their property shoveled and clear of ice. Please keep in mind that many residents may use the sidewalk to walk their dogs, visit neighbors, walk to school, or commute to the train station. Please help ensure safe use of the sidewalk by clearing it of snow promptly. 

No Parking Reminder

With snow in the forecast, the Village would like to remind residents that parking on the street is prohibited during snowfalls of two or more inches. Parking cars on the streets makes it harder for our snow plow drivers to thoroughly clean the streets and endangers their safety by forcing them to zigzag across slippery roads, increasing the probability of accidents. Violation of the no parking regulation may result in a ticket. 

Do Not Place Snow in the Street

The Village would like to remind residents that when removing snow from your driveway and sidewalks it is illegal to place snow in the street. Snow placed in the street, especially after the street has been plowed, creates a safety hazard for drivers. In freezing temperatures the snow becomes packed down and turns to ice. In warmer temperatures it becomes slushy and slippery. Please help keep drivers safe and pile snow onto your parkway or yard. Remember to keep hydrants visible and clear of snow piles and to clear your sidewalk and all walkways of snow. 

Tips for Driving in Inclement Weather

If possible, please avoid driving during heavy snowstorms. The Village's primary focus is to clear streets for emergency vehicles. The less traffic there is on the street, the faster and more efficiently our snow plow drivers can clear them. If you must drive, drive cautiously. Drive slowly and take extra precautions at intersections. Leave plenty of extra room between cars and brake slowly. Don't follow plows too closely and use extreme caution when passing plowing and salting equipment. 
Last updated 1/9/2018