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Crossing Guard Program


The La Grange Park Police Department has an active School Crossing Guard Program providing guards at eight different locations throughout the village.

The Police Department currently has eight permanent and one substitute crossing guards. Most the permanent guards are retirees who choose to stay active in the community during their retirement years and at the same time supplement their income.

The goal of the program is to safeguard our children as they go to and return from the various schools in the village. Each guard receives training from a police officer as to the proper and safe methods in which to help children across busy streets and railroad crossings. Each guard is issued a safety vest, safety hat, rain gear and L.E.D. lighted handheld "STOP" sign.


Our school crossing guards and the children they protect form unique bonds with the passage of time. It is not unusual for our guards to answer homework questions or to receive concerned calls at home from parents and schools if they miss a day. After crossing the same children for many years, they admit it is difficult to say goodbye to a graduating class.

The Police Department is proud of the long tenure of our guards. The Police Department is seeking individuals who would like to become substitute school crossing guards. When an opening for a permanent guard position occurs, it is usually filled from within our substitute guard ranks. Those wishing to apply should contact Sergeant Felix Hernandez at the Police Department at (708) 352-7711.