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Street Repair & Capital Projects

Each year the Village of La Grange Park undertakes the rehabilitation/reconstruction or replacement of portions of its infrastructure. This includes streets, sewer mains and water mains, and to a lesser degree public building improvements and replacement of the vehicles and equipment responsible for maintaining the infrastructure.

How do we determine which streets are replaced?
Every block in the village undergoes a periodic survey to determine its physical condition, including drainage structures, curb and gutters, and given a rating score to compare with other blocks. Street segments consisting of 4-6 blocks are then combined from the individual block scores and an overall rating can be identified and priorities for rehabilitation can be selected for improvements. In this way all streets can be targeted for improvements based solely on need. In addition to the physical appearance of the streets, a thorough history of underground utility failure such as water-main breaks, sewer collapses/blockages, etc. is also conducted and added to the street condition rating survey. Obviously it makes more sense to do water and sewer repairs or replacement when the streets are already torn up for reconstruction, and vice versa.

Streets Slated for Construction - Summer 2017
Village has entered into two paving contracts for road construction with K-Five Construction Corporation and Davis Concrete Construction. Construction will commence from April to November 2017.  Road construction will be performed on the following streets:

Contract #1 will be completed by Davis Concrete
    Richmond (Edgewood to Malden)
    Oak (Dover to Park)
    Park (Oak to Harding)
    Brainard (Southern Village limits to Richmond)
    Harding (Edgewood to Brainard)
    Stone (Harding to Dead End)
    Waiola (Jackson to Dead End)
    Spring (Monroe to Dead End)
    Sherwood (Curb Only) Paving will completed in 2018 with State/Federal money

 Contract #2 will be completed by  K-Five Construction Corporation
    Barnsdale (Woodlawn to 31st)
    Robinhood (30th to Community)
    Scotdale (29th to 29th)
    Scotdale (Scotdale to La Grange Road)
    Stonegate (Scotdale to Scotdale)
    Deerpath (Scotdale to Scotdale)

The project includes rebuilding sewer structures, replacement of curb and gutter, and grinding and removal of old asphalt and installation of new asphalt. Residents will be notified by the contractor prior to removing access to any driveway.