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Building Permits

Building permits are required for new construction, remodeling, additions, sheds, decks, pools, sprinkling systems, garages, roofs, and fences before any construction can begin. Please contact the Village prior to beginning work to inquire whether a permit is needed. The Village has a developed guides to help residents understand Village regulations related to common home improvement projects. To review our Help Guides, click here

Building Permit applications and related documents can be found by clicking here. Completed applications may be delivered to Village Hall during regular business hours.


New Building Permit Fee Structure - Effective February 1, 2014
In November, the Village Board approved a new building permit fee structure and fee schedule, which will go into effect on February 1, 2014. The updated structure and schedule was implemented as a result of the Local Revenue Study completed in late 2012.  The previous fee schedule was in place for nearly 10 years and did not adequately recapture the Village’s costs associated with administering building permits. The previous fee structure was also challenging for residents and contractors to understand as it was located in various sections of the building code and most fees were based on percentages of total construction cost.

The new fee structure and fee schedule is streamlined to consolidate fee amounts and to establish flat fees where possible.The new structure is easier to understand, more efficient to administer and simplifies the building permit application process. It will ensure that the Village is able to recapture the cost of administering building permits while keeping fee amounts affordable for residents.

Detailed information on the fees, deposits and bonds required are provided below:

The permit fees and charges applicable to all development, building or construction within the Village shall be those fees and charges as set forth herein.

One & Two Family Residential Structures

New Structure

1.75% construction costs*


1.75% construction costs*

Interior Remodel

1.75% construction costs*


1.75% construction costs*

Temporary/Conditional Occupancy

$100.00 per dwelling

             *Plus all applicable deposit, bond, tap and meter fee requirements

 Miscellaneous Residential Permit Fees

Above Ground Swimming Pool/Hot Tub


In-Ground Swimming Pool

1.5% construction cost + $150.00 plan review



Walkway or Patio





$150.00 per unit

HVAC or Boiler Replacement

$75.00 per unit

HVAC System – New

1.5% construction cost - min. $75.00

Lawn Sprinkler/Irrigation System


Roof - New


Roof Repair


Accessory Structures
Including but not limited to: deck, gazebo, pergola, shed; not listed separately

$175.00 per structure

Repairs, Alterations, & Misc.
Including but not limited to: windows, siding, drain tile, plumbing, electric; not listed separately

1.5% construction cost – min. $75.00


All Structures (Excluding One & Two Family Residential)

New Structure/Remodel/Addition
    Under $1,000,000 in construction costs
    $1,000,000 - $5,000,000 in construction cost
    Over $5,000,000 in construction cost

1.5% construction cost + other fees*
1.0% construction cost added to above*
0.5% construction cost added to above*

Plumbing – New/Repairs/Alterations

$100.00 up to 5 fixtures + $10.00 each additional fixture

Electric – New/Repairs/Alterations

1.5% construction cost – min. $100.00 + $10.00 per circuit

HVAC or Boiler – New/Repairs/Replacement

1.5% construction cost – min. $100.00 + $25.00 per unit

Parking Lot – New/Resurface

1.5% construction cost – min. $75.00

Repairs, Alterations, & Miscellaneous
Including but not limited to: windows, siding, drain tile, plumbing, electric; not listed separately

1.5% construction cost – min. $75.00

Occupancy – Final Multi-Family

$50.00 per dwelling unit

Occupancy – Final Other


Occupancy – Temporary/Conditional

$100.00 per unit

            *Plus all applicable plumbing, electric, HVAC, tap, occupancy, deposit and bond fees and requirements.


One & Two Family Structures



1.5% demolition cost – min. $500.00*


1.5% demolition cost – min. $500.00*

Residential Garage/Accessory Structure


            *Plus $2,500.00 required Site Management Bond

Tap & Water Fees

Water Tap


Sewer Tap


Water Use During Construction


Meter & Connection Fee





$125.00 each


$75.00 each

Face Change

$75.00 each



New Elevator

$250.00 + $125.00 for each failed inspection

Safety Testing Inspection

$125.00 each

Semi-Annual Inspection

$60.00 each


In-House Review Fees

In-House Review Fees (if applicable)

$100.00 initial hour + $50.00 each additional hour/resubmittal


(A)   Reimbursement of Fees Agreement. Upon filing a permit application with the Village, the applicant shall be required to execute a Reimbursement of Fees Agreement in a form approved by the Village Attorney, requiring the reimbursement of all out-of-pocket costs and any in-house review fees incurred by the Village in relation to the application. The applicant shall also be required to provide a deposit, in accordance with the following schedule:

One & Two Family Structures

New Construction




Interior Remodel




All Other Structures

New Construction/Addition





If the deposit is not sufficient to cover the out-of-pocket costs and in-house review fees incurred, the applicant will be required to pay any outstanding amounts. Upon final payment of all costs incurred by the Village, the Village shall refund the remaining balance of the deposit to the applicant.

(B)   Performance Bonds

       (1)   Bond Requirement. Timing of Payment Amount. Prior to the issuance of a building permit for each lot where street or sidewalk improvements are installed, a cash   bond shall be deposited with the Village to indemnify the Village against damage to the streets, curbs, and sidewalks and parkways, and to insure the proper installation, repair and/or complete restoration of streets, curbs, sidewalks and/or parkways in accordance with the instructions of the Director of Fire and Building. The Village shall be under no obligation to pay interest on this money. It shall be the responsibility of the general contractor to notify the Village of any streets, curbs sidewalks or parkways that were damaged prior to the start of construction on a lot. The cash bond shall be submitted in accordance with the following schedule:

Sidewalk/Parkway Opening


½ Street Opening


Full Street Opening


       (2)   Bond Refund. Upon the final completion of all the work under the permit, so much of such deposit as necessary to reimburse the Village for the repair and/or restoration of the damaged streets, curbs, sidewalks or parkways shall be retained by the Village and the remainder shall be returned to the depositor; provided, however, that nothing herein contained shall preclude the Village from maintaining an action against any person or persons to recover for damage done to any street, sidewalk or parkway.  

(C)   Site Management Bond.

       (1)   Bond Requirement. Timing of Payment. Amount. If a permit is to be issued for the demolition of a dwelling the applicant shall post with the Village, at the time of issuance of such permit, a Site Management Bond in the amount of $2,500 cash. Such bond shall be in addition to all other application and processing fees, costs, escrows, and bonds.

       (2)   Right to Draw on Bond. The Village shall have the right at all times, at its option, to draw on the Site Management Bond for the costs (including without limitation legal fees and administrative expenses), incurred or to be incurred by the Village in exercising any of its rights in the event (a) the applicant undertakes any work in violation of any provision of the Building Codes and Regulations, or of any permit issued or plan approved, or (b) the applicant fails or refused to complete any work authorized by any permit issued under the Building Codes and Regulations in accordance with all plans approved in connection with said permit. The Village’s determination of such costs shall be based either on costs actually incurred by the Village or on the Village’s reasonable estimates of costs to be incurred.

       (3)   Replenishment of Bond. If the Village draws on the Site Management Bond, then the applicant shall replenish the bond to the full amount required by this ordinance immediately after written demand therefore, is made to the applicant by the Village. Applicant’s failure to replenish the bond shall result in cancellation of the related permit, which permit shall not be therefore reissued except after the filing of a new application, payment of the permit fee(s), and establishment of a new Site Management Bond.

       (4)   Return of Unused Bond. The Village shall return all unused portions of the Site Management Bond to the applicant, without interest, as follows:

              (i)  If the permit authorizes only demolition work, and no construction work is scheduled to take place within 30 days after the completion of demolition, then the Village shall return the bond within 30 days after the final inspection of the restoration of the subject property and approval of the work by the Director of Fire and Building.

              (ii)  If the permit authorizes any construction work in addition to demolition work, then the Village shall return the money within 30 days after issuance of a final certificate of occupancy for such new structure.

(D)    Fee Payment. In the absence of provisions to the contrary, all permit fees shall be paid in advance at the time of building permit application.

(E)    Re-inspection Fee. Permit fees shall include all required building, electrical, plumbing, and mechanical inspections required for project completion. For each failed inspection, a re-inspection fee of $75.00 will be assessed. Said fee must be paid prior to performance of the re-inspection.

(F)    Rules Sign. Excavation projects, excluding single-family residential garages, shall be required to purchase and post a construction rules sign at the project site. The sign shall be supplied by the Village and provided upon permit issuance. A fee of $50.00 will be assessed per sign.

(G)    Work Without Permit. When work requiring a permit has been started prior to issuance of such permit, the permit fee shall be double the amount of the standard permit fee. The accompanying fine shall not exceed $750.00. A stop work order may also be issued.”