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Ambulance Billing - Medicare and Seniors

Village staff has become aware of some concerns by seniors in our Village who may be hesitant to call for an ambulance, for emergencies, due to concerns about billing.  Although the rules are complicated and do at times change for Medicare, this information should help clarify how the billing is handled for those seniors relying on Medicare.


If you are a senior and use our ambulance, and you are eligible for Medicare benefits, you will most likely still receive an invoice for such use, but it should not concern you.  What is usually needed at that point is for you to supply us with your Medicare information, along with any information for additional supplemental insurance you might have. The Village will then accept what the agreed upon federal rates are for reimbursement from Medicare, even if they are less than what is invoiced. If you have supplemental insurance, the Village will also ask that you submit the balance to that insurance, and will accept that payment to offset the balance due. Beyond that, if the full amount of the invoice is not covered, the Village will not try to obtain any additional personal funds from you.  Again, this is only for those patients utilizing Medicare, as there are specific laws which pertain to such. Should you have any additional questions about ambulance billing, please feel free to contact our EMS Division Chief Rick Ronovsky at 708-354-0225, x308.