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Fire Prevention Programs

The Fire Department has a Fire Prevention Bureau that conducts fire inspections of buildings in the Village, reviews building plans for fire protection and life safety, conducts fire drills and provides fire safety education to the public, among a number of other activities. The Fire Prevention Bureau takes great pride in the services offered, both in the field of fire protection and especially the unique and targeted public education programs conducted. Some of the educational programs include giving fire safety presentations at La Grange Park schools, discussing fire safety with senior groups and other community organizations, teaching CPR and providing tours of the fire stations. At the request of the homeowner, the Fire Prevention Bureau will also conduct a home fire inspection to help residents identify any possible hazards. Children and the elderly are most at risk from fire, and we can help! Please contact the Fire Department at (708) 354-0225 for information on how to request or participate in any of the Fire Prevention or Fire Safety Education programs.