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Village Market TIF

The boundary of the Village Market TIF is generally defined to include the Village Market shopping center located east of La Grange Road between Oak Avenue and Brewster Lane, Memorial Park and the Homestead Apartment complex located east of the shopping center. The property consist of 26 tax parcels and 26 buildings on approximately 47 acres of land. Approximately 37 acres of the land is currently improved. Current uses within the TIF District include retail, restaurant, medical, services, open space, and multi-family residential. For more information, click on the links below.  

Tax Increment Financing FAQ's

Eligibility Report and Redevelopment Project Area Plan
Joint Review Board (JRB) Documents
JRB Agenda - December 7, 3016
JRB Presentation - December 7, 2016
JRB Minutes - December 7, 2016
Ordinance 1049 Adopting Tax Increment Financing for Village Market
Ordinance 1048 Designating Village Market Redevelopment Project Area
Ordinance 1047 Approving TIF Plan for Village Market
Ordinance 1036 Setting Public Hearing Date
Ordinance 1032 Establishing "Interested Parties Registry"
Ordinance 1030 Providing for Feasibility Study and Report
TIF Feasibility Study 
Request for Proposals for TIF Feasibility Study & Addendum
TIF Feasibility Study Findings Presentation
Village Board Memo - TIF Feasibility Study Findings - Discussion
Consultant Contracts
Village Board Memo - TIF & Business District Consultant Services
Village Board Memo - Selection of TIF Legal Counsel