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It's Back - Funding for Grant Program Reinstated!

The Village received word from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency that funding for Illinois Green Infrastructure Grant Program has been reinstated. As a result the Village will begin issuing reimbursements to eligible homeowners whose applications were approved after 7/13/15.

All single family homeowners whose downspouts are connected to the combined sewer system are eligible for reimbursement. Simple disconnections are eligible for 100% reimbursement up to $100 for materials only. All that is required is a completed reimbursement application with the original receipts attached. More complex disconnections that involve gutter work, downspout relocation, rain gardens or bio-swales require a Program Permit. There is no charge for the permit. However if reimbursement is being requested the permit must be approved prior to scheduling the work. The maximum reimbursement for complex disconnections is $800 labor and materials.

Additionally, all Village homeowners are eligible for up to 4 free rain barrels delivered free of charge. This program is in partnership with the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District. The free rain barrel program will end 12/31/16. Applications are available at the Village Hall or on the Village website.
A mandatory downspout disconnection has been the law for several years in La Grange Park. All gutter downspouts must be disconnected from the combined sewer system at the point of sale of the home. This required disconnection is the responsibility of the seller of the home. Recently, the Village updated the ordinance such that all single family home disconnections must be completed by January 2019. The Downspout Disconnection Assistance Program provides incentives in the form of reimbursements to help owners meet the deadline. All reimbursements are first come, first served.

The Village understands that the program will pose questions for homeowners. We have staff available to take your questions and provide assistance. Please forward all questions to Forrest Tucker in the Building Department. Telephone: 708-354-0225, ext. 208,
More detailed information about this program is available at the Village’s website. Click here for more information about this program.
Last updated 8/19/2016 3:19:08 PM