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Village of La Grange Park
Village of Roses

Deadline for Mandatory Downspout Disconnection Extended
Tuesday, July 5, 2016 at 9:05 AM

The Village’s Downspout Disconnection Ordinance requires all single family homeowners to disconnect their downspouts from the Village’s combined sewer system by January 2017. The Village’s Downspout Disconnection program was put into place in 2015 to provide residents with partial reimbursement for the cost associated with disconnection, through an Illinois Green Infrastructure Grant (IGIG).
In August 2015, the Village announced that due to the State of Illinois’ budgetary issues, the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency was unable to issue reimbursements for Downspout Disconnections under the IGIG Program. As a result, the State placed a temporary hold on the Village’s program pending approval of a State budget and new Capital Bill.
The Village has extended the deadline for compliance with our Downspout Disconnection Ordinance from January 2017 to January 2019 (the same amount of time that the grant funds were suspended) in anticipation that grant funds for reimbursement will once again become available. While the State passed a six month budget, we received word from the IEPA that it is still unclear if and when funding will be available. As such, the Village encourages homeowners who are still connected to proceed with the planning and completion of their disconnection projects as soon as possible.  For more information on how to disconnect and questions regarding the reimbursement process, please contact Forrest Tucker and