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Village of La Grange Park
Village of Roses

Water Meter Remote Reader Upgrade

The Village has contracted with United Meters Inc to replace the transmitter which allows the village to read your water meter each quarter. The current equipment is over 15 years old and has begun to fail. The contractor will be sending out letters next week to residents on Beach, Newberry, Kemman, Blanchan and Cleveland requesting that they schedule appointments. The equipment is inside your home adjacent to the water meter. The work typically takes less than a half hour. The contractor will also knock on doors between appointments to see if residents have available time for them to complete the work. All of their employees have an ID with La Grange Park logo on it and they have been screened by our Police Department. They have white pickup trucks with the UMI logo on them. This is the same contractor that replaced the water meters roughly 15 years ago. Your cooperation is appreciated in scheduling an appointment with them. Installation of the replacement equipment is mandatory. In the coming months they will complete the area east of the railroad tracks and then move to the area west of La Grange Road. The center section of the village will be done next summer (2018).  There is no charge to the water customers for this upgrade.