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Village of La Grange Park
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Update - Low Flying Aircraft and Aircraft Noise
Tuesday, September 13, 2016 at 4:50 PM

The Village has been notified that runway maintenance at Midway Airport required a temporary change to air traffic patterns.  Planes were arriving from the northwest.  This is usually the direction in which planes takeoff.  The maintenance is now complete and air traffic patterns have returned to normal.
The Chicago Department of Aviation (CDA) advised that shifts in wind patterns and also construction / maintenance on certain Midway runways can contribute to the use of different runway configurations that are more impactful to our area.  A CDA representative confirmed that those conditions (wind conditions and runway maintenance) have contributed to recent use of alternative runways that require planes to fly over our community when arriving.  Because these runway configurations are only utilized about 10% of the time, the temporary change is likely more noticeable by residents.  The representative from the CDA has confirmed that there have been no permanent FAA changes related to flight patterns.  In the case of this weekend (through Monday), one runway was under maintenance and due to the existing wind conditions, Midway utilized the flight path which impacts our community.