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Village of La Grange Park
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Low Flying Aircraft and Aircraft Noise

Midway airport has confirmed that flight patterns have not been reconfigured, but that the airport is undergoing continued pavement maintenance. Midway plans to conduct maintenance on three additional occasions before the end of the year which may or may not impact flight patterns over our community (October through December).  Not all maintenance work will necessitate the use of the flight path over La Grange Park, only as wind and weather conditions warrant it. For example, Midway explained that maintenance took place in early October (1st and 2nd) but our airspace was unaffected as the winds were out of the south east.  During these periods of maintenance, there may be prolonged and consistent use of the flight path over La Grange Park. 
The Village submitted a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Request to the Chicago Department of Aviation regarding the total number of flights arriving and departing near La Grange Park (this is flight path 13C).  Data received from the FOIA indicate that while there has been an increase in the arrivals over last year, arrivals for 2016 (to date) are the second lowest in total occurrence over the 6 year period (2010-2016 to date). To view the FOIA response, see the links below.
  • To view the FOIA Response Letter Click Here
  • To view the Flight Arrivals for 13C (over La Grange Park), Click Here
  • To view the Flight Departures for 13C (over La Grange Park), Click Here
  • To view the Flight Path Map (created for the Village of La Grange - our neighboring community), Click Here
The Village will continue to monitor the utilization of the flight path over La Grange Park.
To recap our recent experience, in mid-September the Village was notified that runway maintenance at Midway Airport required a temporary change to air traffic patterns, which impacted our area.  Planes were arriving from the northwest.  This is usually the direction in which planes takeoff.  Once maintenance was complete, air traffic patterns returned to normal.  Increased traffic to our area occurred again around October 4th.  The Village received a report that this was again due to maintenance.  More recently, on October 6th, the Village received preliminary information from the Chicago Department of Aviation (CDA) that more construction is planned for Midway which may impact flight patterns near our community. 
The Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”) manages the National Air Transportation System. In this role, the FAA determines how the airspace is used and sets forth aircraft arrival and departure procedures for airports.  Over the last several years, the FAA has used satellite based navigation procedures to streamline the arrival and departure paths.  The CDA reports that La Grange Park has always been located in the arrival and departure paths for aircraft using for Midway.  Numerous factors determine which runway configuration is utilized at an airport including weather, winds, aircraft capabilities, etc.  The CDA advises that construction / maintenance on certain Midway runways can also contribute to the use of different runway configurations that are more impactful to our area.  Because these runway configurations (descent over La Grange Park) are only utilized about 10% of the time, the temporary change of consistent use is likely more noticeable by residents.  The CDA confirms that there have been no permanent FAA changes related to flight patterns.
The Chicago Department of Aviation has resources available to residents regarding noise management:

Noise Management

Noise Management System Reports

Aircraft Noise Complaints

Residents may also call the noise hotline at 800.914.8537 to report a complaint about aircraft activity.

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