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Village of Roses
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Tree Maintenance

The Village of La Grange Park is extremely committed to maintaining a quality urban forest. We have various programs in place to continually maintain our urban forest, including an annual tree planting program, the regular undertaking of an inventory of our urban forest, and an annual tree trimming program. In addition, the Village promotes awareness of our urban forest via regular Arbor Day programs, such as an annual Tree Planting Contest. In honor of the Village's efforts, we were recognized as a Tree City USA by the National Arbor Day Foundation in 2013 for the 26th consecutive year.

Tree Trimming Program
Our parkway tree population consists of approximately 6,000 trees of varying species and age, all of which require special attention from time to time. Each year, the Village embarks on its annual tree trimming program.  This process is thorough and takes into account the shape, size, location, and age of the entire tree. Only trees that are causing problems (dead or broken branches, storm damage, or low hanging branhes) will be trimmed prior to the annual program. Public Works personnel respond to these problems on a call-by-call basis throughout the year, but will remove only the specific interfering branch or limb, not trim the entire tree. Parkway trees have specific needs and guidelines for trimming that may or may not be different for private property trees. All contract trimming is conducted during the winter months while the trees are in their dormant stage.

Tree Planting Program
Our tree planting program is foremost a replacement program for fatally diseased trees or trees severely damaged by storms or ice. We purchase our trees through the joint purchasing power of the many communities who make up the West Central Municipal Conference, and are grown from saplings to stringent specifications many years before they are dug for planting in our community. We must let the nursery know five years in advance of planting how many trees and of what varieties we anticipate needing. This does not allow for drought years or heavy storms that may kill more trees than we anticipated. It is for this reason that we are currently unable to replace every tree that is removed during the same year. Unexpected circumstances have now created more locations needing trees than we have trees on order, but this problem should correct itself over the next few years. The Village's policy is to only remove trees that have declined to a point from which they cannot recover. Removing a tree is a last resort, but it does become an opportunity for a new tree to grow in its place.

Arbor Day Tree Planting 
For the eighth consecutive year, the Village will plant a tree in memory or in honor of a special person. In the same manner that many people plant trees to celebrate the birth of a child, a marriage, or to memorialize someone who has passed away, the Village will publicly honor a La Grange Park resident or group with the planting of a tree. Planting a tree can be a terrific tribute to someone; trees grow tall and strong, provide shade for cooling in summer, release moisture into the air, help reduce flooding and erosion, and are a source of beauty from season to season over a lifetime.

To mark Arbor Day, the Village is accepting nominations to plant a tree in honor or in memory of a person or group that has made a positive contribution to the community, or whose achievements deserve special recognition. To submit your nomination, please send a nomination to Tree Planting, La Grange Park Village Hall, 447 N. Catherine Avenue, La Grange Park, IL 60526, or via email to Be sure to tell why the person or group you are nominating deserves to be recognized, and indicate what kind of tree you feel would most appropriately honor their achievements and community spirit. After reviewing all the nominations, the Village will select one from among all nominations received to honor with a public tree planting. The tree will be planted in a public space (in a park, parkway, etc.) during a public ceremony in late April or early May, and a small plaque mentioning the honoree will be installed at the base of the tree.