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Shared Services Study

In 2010, the Village of La Grange Park engaged in a case study evaluation with the Villages of La Grange and Western Springs for the purposes of exploring opportunities for shared services. The study examined police, fire and communications services of the three participating municipalities and provided an assessment as to where compatibility for shared services exists. The study also identified opportunities to share resources and partner in the delivery of core public safety services which eliminate redundancies, and possibly result in cost savings.  The study was presented to the Village Board in September 2011 by Project Manager Bill Balling of WRB LLC. In the report, Mr. Balling identified emergency dispatch service or communications operations as having great promise in terms of functionality and cost savings when considering shared service between the communities.

In October 2011, the Village Board discussed further exploration of a technical services study as a means to better understand the feasibility of consolidating into a single dispatch center.  At the time, it was the consensus of the Village Board to move forward with engaging in a technical services study with the Villages of La Grange and Western Springs.  The study will not only evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities of consolidating the public safety dispatching functions of all three Villages, but it will examine the detailed costs and benefits of the consolidation as well as provide an implementation plan for the recommended solution. 

As a result of a thoroughly vetted process, staff from all three communities unanimously selected AECOM as the preferred consulting firm for the project.  AECOM’s proposal provided the best overall solution in terms of evaluating personnel, financial/cost-benefit analyses, logistical, administrative, governance, and technological needs. The study will commence in October 2012 and take approximately 4 months to complete. Please see the documents below for additional information on the study. Questions or comments regarding the Shared Services Study may be directed to Village Manager, Julia Cedillo at or at (708) 354-0225.