Why prune trees?

Preventative tree pruning is designed to keep healthy trees healthy and reduce problems in trees under stress. Dead, weak or hazardous branches and limbs are removed first and then the remaining canopy is thinned as needed. This will improve branch spacing and preserve the symmetrical appearance of the tree. Additionally, lower branches may need to be removed or raised providing safe passage for pedestrians and vehicle traffic.

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1. Why prune trees?
2. When does the Village prune parkway trees?
3. How do I get a tree planted in the parkway?
4. How do I have the arborist inspect the parkway tree?
5. Will the Village pick up tree limbs?
6. Does the arborist provide assistance regarding private property trees?
7. Can the Village recommend a tree company for removal or maintenance?
8. Does the Village have an Arbor Day Celebration?