Garbage & Recycling Collection

The Village has contracted with Lakeshore Recycling Systems (LRS) to provide refuse and recycling services to all single-family and two-family properties in the community through a three day, all cart, service program. Details of the program are outlined below.

Program Summary

  • All single–family and two-family households will receive refuse and recycling carts; residents have the option of using 35 gallon, 65 gallon or 95 gallon carts.
  • Residents may mix and match cart sizes to meet household needs. The monthly fee is based on the chosen refuse cart size only.
  • Stickers are required for extra garbage, yard waste, e-waste and bulk items.
  • The Village is serviced on a three day schedule. Your service day is either Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. 
  • Curbside electronics recycling is available (with stickers).
  • Food waste and organics recycling is also available curbside (at an additional cost).

Service Days

Wednesday (West) - All streets west of La Grange Road, including the west side of La Grange Road

Thursday (East) - All streets east of the IHB railroad tracks

Friday (Center) - All streets from La Grange Road east to the IHB railroad tracks, including the east side of La Grange Road

Monthly Cost

Cart Size Monthly Price
35 Gallon Refuse - Senior Rate $9.85
35 Gallon Refuse - Non Senior Rate $14.91
64 Gallon Refuse $17.17
96 Gallon Refuse $18.58
95 Gallon Landscape/Food Waste $22.51
Stickers $3.38

When will I need stickers? 

Stickers may be purchased at the La Grange Park Village Hall, or the La Grange Park or Westchester Jewel/Osco.

1 Sticker

  • Each bag/can of refuse that does not fit in your cart landscape/yard waste (per kraft bag or 35G can) 
  • 1 Small electronic item

2 Stickers

  • Bulk items too large to fit in your refuse cart (items that may become waterlogged thereby significantly increasing their weight, should be bagged, ex. mattresses) 
  • White Goods

5 Stickers

  • Brown grocery bag of electronics
  • Annual Clean Up Day (typically in October)

10 Stickers

  • Monitor/television/computer