Water & Sewer Infrastructure & Rate Study

In 2017, Baxter and Woodman completed a water and sewer rate study for the Village. The purpose of the study was to review the long term operation and infrastructure requirements of the Village’s water and sewer systems and provide rate options that will provide the necessary funding. Baxter and Woodman presented the study results to the Village Board at the July 25, 2017 Board meeting. 

The findings of the study demonstrate that our current rate structure cannot support the funding necessary to maintain well-functioning, reliable water and sewer systems.  As such, at the April 24, 2018 Village Board Meeting, the Village Board approved an increase to the water rate from $7.71 to $10.00 per 100 cubic feet and the sewer rate from $2.32 to $2.75 per 100 cubic feet as recommended in the rate study.  The minimum quarterly water and sewer bill based on 600 cubic feet will increase from $60.18 to $76.50.

Sewer Repair Project 2018

In advance of 2018 street paving, sewer inspections were conducted and the inspection reports were reviewed by Hancock Engineering. From these reports, a list of areas in need of sewer point repairs was compiled. The locations in need of repair and related to the paving project are listed. The sewer point repairs consist of replacing various depths of sewer main with and without service connections. These point repairs will reduce the chances of total pipe failure and reduce the likelihood of sewer backups in nearby homes.


Street Block
Blanchan 1200
Blanchan 1500
Harding 000
Harding 400
Homestead 700
Huntington 200
Robinhood 700

Manhole Cover Repairs

Manhole cover repairs will take place on the blocks 800 Homestead and 400 Harding.