Vehicle Stickers

Residents of the Village who own a motor vehicle or any person having control or use of a motor vehicle owned by a resident of the Village shall annually obtain a Village vehicle license for each motor vehicle used on any public street. A motor vehicle is any vehicle subject to the registration requirements of the Illinois Secretary of State.  

Vehicle stickers expire October 31st. Late fees apply starting November 1st.

Licenses may be purchased by mail, online, or at Village Hall.

***Applications dropped off at Village Hall by October 31, postmarked by October 31, or purchased online by October 31 will be considered on time and will not be charged a late fee, although your sticker and/or tag will not arrive until after the due date.***

Please note that the $15 senior rate for vehicle stickers is not available online for new seniors. The senior rate is limited to one sticker per household.  To qualify for the senior rate, you must be 65 or older by October 31st.  Please mail or drop off your application with a copy of your drivers license. If mailed or dropped off, we will send you your sticker by mail. 

Pay for vehicle stickers online. The Online Purchase PIN located on your renewal form is required to purchase online. You will receive your renewal form in the mail in early September. A convenience fee of 2.25% is charged for online payments. These fees go to the payment processor and are not collected by the Village.

Print vehicle sticker application to mail or drop off

Vehicle Sticker Fees

FeeSenior Fee
By October 31$35.00$15.00
November 1-November 30$52.50$22.50
December 1-December 31$57.50$27.50
After December 31$62.50$32.50

New Resident / New Vehicle Fees

New Residents on or before October 31st will need to complete the application and mail, drop off, or purchase the sticker in person. New residents and new vehicles purchased after October 31st will need to provide proof of date of new residency or vehicle purchase date to get discounted rates. Proof can be mailed, dropped off, or brought in person to Village Hall. Prorated fees for new residents or new vehicles are listed below. Delinquent penalties apply after 60 days.

Senior Fee
September 1-November 30
December 1-March 31
April 1-August 31

Replacement Fees

The fee for replacement of a lost or damaged sticker or a sticker for a replaced vehicle is $5.