Getting a Permit

First make sure that your project will require a permit by checking our permit exception list. If you are still not sure contact the Building Department for verification. So how do I get a permit for the work that I want to do? I have all the forms and packets, now what? Well, in some cases we can issue the permit over-the-counter for other projects a few more things may be required.

Note: The applications provided on this website can be downloaded and completed, but fax and email of completed applications will not be accepted. We require 'original' completed applications with all required signatures (not copies of signatures) to be submitted in person or by mail. Please refer to project specific packets for specific information but generally, this is how it works.

Permit Process

Over-the-counter - bring in a copy of your contractors proposal, a completed and signed permit application and a form of payment to the Village offices. Once contractor requirements are verified staff will process and issue your permit, which will include a permit placard. Please display your placard in a location visible from the street for the duration of your project. These projects require inspections and code compliance but no formal review is required. Please inquire about inspections at time of issuance if you are unclear.


For projects requiring reviews the process continues after application submittal. Payment of permit fees or a Reimbursement of Fees Agreement deposit is required at application for all projects with review requirements, project specific packets will show which is required. The Reimbursement of Fees (ROF) deposit, if required, is held until final inspection approval or final Certificate of Occupancy issuance. These funds are used for all review fees related to your project and any fees accrued after permit issuance, usually re-inspection fees or plan revisions. The incurred fees are deducted from ROF deposit with any remaining funds reimbursed after final inspection approval. The deposit must be replenished if the funds are exhausted during your project.

Plan Review

Refer to individual project packets for what is required at application submittal for review. The plan review process is about 10 business days. During our slower season this may drop to 5 to seven 7 business days but can be as long as fifteen 15 business days during busier times. All reviews are done on a first-come, first-serve basis. Missing paperwork or payment will delay this process. Missing contractor information will not delay your review but the permit will not be issued until all contractor information has been supplied or updated. Engineering, Health Department and Fire review time is usually 10 to 15 business days at all times.

Once reviewed you will be notified of the status. If your project has not been approved your review will indicate required corrections and/or problems. Make any necessary corrections and resubmit your revised plans to the Building Department. You do not need to complete any forms or pay again only submit your corrections. If your project has been approved you will be notified what is needed to pick up the permit and what fees are due at issuance. Make sure to read through your plan review comments as they may contain a slight revision to what you originally submitted and/or requirements specific to your project. A copy of the approved plans are required to be on the job site at all times.