Construction in the Public Way

View guidelines for working in or around any public property. All streets, alleys, public sidewalks and other public ways are under the supervision of the Public Works Director and as such he is charged with enforcement of ordinance provisions. It is unlawful to work in any public way without obtaining the proper permits.

Call Before You Dig

Remember always, Call Before You Dig.

Phone: 811 or 800-892-0123

  1. Approach
  2. Curb
  3. Parkway
  4. Public Sidewalk
  5. Street / Alley
  6. Residential Sewer Pipe
  7. Residential Water
  8. Water & Sewer Disconnections


This is the portion of the driveway between the public sidewalk and street or alley.

Code Requirements

  • Maximum 18 feet wide - must match existing driveway
  • Asphalt should be minimum 2 inches thick - 4 to 6 inches compacted gravel base
  • Overlay for existing asphalt approach should be minimum 2 inches thick
  • Concrete should be 6 bag mix - 7 inches thick - minimum 4 inches compacted gravel base - wire mesh or fiber entrained concrete prohibited
  • Depressed curb required at approach -curb and approach must be separate pour - full depth bituminous expansion required in all joints - curb cuts allowed with prior approval
  • All approaches must meet grade at both public walk and curb
  • Pre-pour inspection required for concrete and base inspection required for asphalt

Acceptable Temporary Repairs

Lighted barricades with gravel backfill to grade.